like abortion

Under this method,the cervix will be gently stretched and dilated in order to allow special forceps



This process involves the use of medical apparatus or a vaccum to terminate the pregnancy or remove it from the uterus,in this process a femal may be anaesthetic or consciousily sedated.other names of surgical abortion(Therapeutic abortin,Elective abortion,Suction Curettage)

This is an expensive method of a bortion compared to medical abortion.

They are mainly two methods of surgical bortion


Under this method, the cervix will be gently stretched and dilated in order to allow special forceps with suction to take out or remove the pregnancy this may be done in a duration of 10 to 30 minutes of performance and the female will be under general aneasthetic meaning she will be a sleep throughout the process, without complications she may go home that same day.


Under this method a tube will be inserted into the female uterus through the vagina in order to remove the pregnancy, the suction is usually carried out under local aneasthetic that is injected into the female cervix, without complications the female will go home that same day.

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After abortion

The female may be held behind in a recovery place for some time, the descision to go home will be decide by the doctor this is done to ensure that the patient is stable or not still drowsy from the medication.Instructions will be issued of how to take careof your self at home and even follw-up appointments.

The stage of the pregnancy aborted will determin when physical recovery of a femal but it normally occur in few days.Birth contol measures can be thought of if you dont want to get pregnant very soon because get pregnant may occur befor your next period which may come around 5 to 6 weeks after safe abortion.

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