What ever reason you have for doing abortion just contact us and we will help you through out

Safe bortioncan be done in two ways,this depend on the female decision.women have got reasons to why they do abortion or why they end up terminating the pregnancy.

But what ever reason you have for doing abortion just contact us and we will help you through out ,we will make it safe and take you through the all process thus making safe abortion.

NOTE : medical abortion may not occur if you have an ectopic (or extra uterine) pregnancy.an ectopic or extra-uterine this a term used to describe that the pregnancy is not in the womb (uterus) it is some were in your fallopian tubes this can be detected by having an ultrasound,there for we recommend this problem to a gynaecologist for treatment.

NOTE : Do not try medical abortion if you have intra uterine device (I U D). This is a contraceptive coil about 3 cm inserted in the womb of a woman by a doctor to prevent pregnancy, so if you have a IUD, and your pregnant we recommend you take a ultrasound, because here the chances of ectopic pregnancy are high.

Women some times get desperate of unwanted pregnancy this lead them to try unprofesional mean of abortion before they think, some try out dangerous means like putting sharp and dirty materials or object into their womb, others punch their belly, this is so dangerous and not advised to be done because it may wound the inside and cause heavy bleeding,infections or even death.

We here to make safe abortion for you at a reasonable cost just contact us no matter were you are, email us your situation and we will get back to you as soon as possible,if you have any question just ask us.

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