You’re not allowed to smoke after abortion, Expect to get your normal period after three to six weeks

What happens after abortion depends on the reaction of your body to abortion some females bleed heavily, some women bleed moderately, others bleed lightly, others don’t bleed that much.Bleeding start immediately after abortion and it may last one to three weeks but some women take some time to start bleeding after the abortion they may not start bleeding immediately after the process.

Other women experience on and off bleeding in this case bleeding can stop for two days then it starts again on the third day, you may experience strong cramps and clots coming out but its normal if you don’t experience clots.

Expect to get your normal period after three to six weeks of abortion but your periods may not be normal if you use birth control measures immediately after abortion or after you’re bleeding.

You’re not allowed to smoke after abortion this can make you to faint its good to leave smoking for the all day after abortion.

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Following these steps below will help you to reduce and prevent the risk of infections

Do not have sexual intercourse after two or three days of the abortion process wait until you feel normal again and if you can, wait until you come out of your first period you will get after abortion.

It’s not recommended to use tampons after abortion, instead use pads as a mean of preventing blood avoid inserting anything in your vagina

Two weeks are enough for you to feel normal again if you not getting any better visit the nearest clinic for more treatment

Antibiotic pills may be issued to you by your doctor after abortions take them as prescribed

Carrying out pregnancy test after abortion may not produce perfect results because pregnancy hormones take time to leave the body, you can still get positive results after two week of abortion

NOTE it’s possible to get pregnant right after an abortion so be care full

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